Do I have to share a bathroom?
  • No, each room has a separate bathroom


Which is the nearest airport?
  • Pula, airport code PUY. From Pula airport it takes 1h by car to reach your villa.
Which other airports can I use?
  • Rijeka (code RJK) airport (driving distance 90 minutes)
  • Trieste (code TRS) airport (driving distance 90 minutes)
  • Zagreb (code ZAG) airport will have good connecting flights to Pula as our national airline Croatia airlines (Lufthansa member) will have several flights to Pula daily. (driving distance 3 hours if the traffic is low)
  • Venice (code VCE) airport, driving distance 3 hours if the traffic is low, but the better option is to take ferry directly from Venice to Poreč. Check more info below.
I would like to arrive to Venice and spend a few nights there. What is the easiest way to reach Poreč?
  • Please check questions about ferry Venice-Poreč.
Who will wait for me when I arrive?
  • We can arrange pickup by our local partner taxi driver from any of mentioned airports and harbours.
We arrive as a group, can we be picked up by a van?
  • Yes
Tell me more about ferry from Venice.
  • From Venice there is a ferry service which takes 3 hours and will go directly to Poreč. You arrive to Poreč around 8PM. There are 2 boats operating Venice-Poreč. There is no service on every single day, check schedules here:
  • When you arrive to Poreč by ferry, it takes 10 minutes by car to reach villa.
  • The price for ferry is around 69€ for round trip
Can I rent a car?
  • One of the best options might be a rent-a-car from the airport. Check the rates from Pule, Rijeka and Trieste here.
I will come with a car, is there available parking at the villa?
  • Yes, there is plenty of parking space and it is free of charge.


What is the local currency?
  • Croatians use the Croatian kuna, which has been in use since 1994. Croatia is a part of the EU, but the Euro isn’t the official currency in Croatia. In particularly touristy areas, you can expect to see prices shown in both kuna and Euro though. Unofficially, the Euro, the US dollar and the Pound Sterling are accepted by some local merchants. However, you shouldn’t rely on the Euro, nor any other foreign currency within Croatian borders. Note also that if your bills are damaged or torn, they may not be accepted by local merchants and bureaus.
  • symbols: HRK, kn
  • the following article is very useful, please read this.
Can I pay everything with my debit/credit cards
  • In general you can, but there will be many places which do not take credit cards like smaller stores, taxies, restaurants and bars.
Which ATMs should I use?
  • ATMs, or ‘bankomats’, are readily accessible in most parts of Croatia, especially tourist centres. Most ATMs have the option to transact in English and will accept international cards. For extra safety, bring two functioning cards with you, in case one isn’t accepted. ATMs can be found in supermarkets, airports, posts offices, train stations and banks. Note that you need a four-digit pin to operate an ATM in Croatia. Read more about ATMs
  • Tips on Using ATMs in Europe By Rick Steves