Tonya Carpenter

USA and Slovenia |

“All the participants came eager to absorb the most in one short week which engendered a positive group dynamic. We were well challenged. The frequent but quick demos presented were on a topic for the day which formed the basis for our day’s work. And work we did. A lot!  Just look at the work on the gallery wall to see just how much we produced. By the end of the second day a second gallery wall was added. We worked on notans, values, reflections, skies, composition and more. What packed sessions! Thanks to our host and fellow artist, Mario, the schedule was a busy one interspersed with field trips to the seaside, open air sculpture museum, tours of hilltop towns and tasting Croatian wines, truffles, and honey. All were good for sketching and painting, of course.  At the workshop site we were served  bountiful meals next to a refreshing pool. Besides all the tips to make it easier for planning how to get out and paint, Karen demonstrated just how to set our own goals. Thanks to each and everyone of you for the first hand experience of your enthusiasm for plein air painting. Karen Margulis is a rare gem of a generous mentor.”